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Entrepreneur. Peace worker. Software Developer. Financial & Tax stuff. Cordata Rupicaprae. Barefoot. Vegetarian. Enthusiastic about entrepreneurship, big data, bitcoin. Loves to go on tech-conferences. Minimalist. Traveller. Hippie


My consulting company for startups and Investors
If you are interested in my Design Stuff: Behance
Here is a 3D printed Webcam cover I designed. Get rid of the sticky notes on your laptops: Thingiverse

Recent Work and Projects

Sir Viral Logo

Sir Viral

    Founder, CEO & Developer

    Sir Viral is a Social Buying Solutions for e-commerce companies. We offer product companies a shop software to give their prospective buyers/consumers the possibility to get price discounts in exchange for Social Media activities to gain reach, clicks and traffic.

Social Force

Social Force

    Technical Consulting

    Research on social media plattforms about structure and user behaviour. This project is to pivot a research study regarding potential and complexity.

LMU logo

LMU Munich - Institute for computer Science

    Student in Computer Science & Mathematics

    Doing my Bachelor and part of my Master studies (drop out) at the LMU Munich
    I attended courses in software development, software architecture, operating systems, computer networks, theoretical informatics, Green IT, project management in IT, databases, knowledge discovery, AI and big data.

    Scientific worker

    I helped to prepare and hold lectures in "Efficient algorithms and datastructures" and "Introduction in Computing"

Landesamt für Steuern

Bayerisches Landesamt für Steuern

    Software Developer

    Part of the team that is developing and maintaing the risk managment system for tax.
    I was mostly working on the decision-making system for company auditing.

FHVR Herrsching

FHVR Herrsching

    Student in Business & Tax Law

    Doing my Diploma at the Fachhochschule für öffentliche Verwaltung und Rechtspflege.
    I attended courses in finance, business, accounting, tax law (income tax, business tax, VAT), private law, public law and a series of soft skill subjects


Werner Hoffmann

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